Sapphires from Ilakaka, Madagascar


With this short GIA documentary you will discover the Ilakaka sapphire mining area. Located in the south of Madagascar it is one of the largest sapphire deposits in the world. It was discovered at the end of 1998 and besides sapphires it produces many other gems like chrysoberyl, spinels, garnets, tourmaline, zircons. It is currently one of the most active sapphire producing areas in the world.

The documentary was built using images from two different GIA field expeditions that took place in 2012 and 2014 with as a main focus collecting sapphire samples for the GIA reference collection.

With this short video teaser you will discover some images of the GIA Field Expedition FE55 to the Ilakaka sapphire deposit in southern Madagascar.

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For more informations read the article on GIA.EDU

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