Mogok blue


With this new short GIA video you will discover some aspects of the work of GIA field gemologists. Here we will take you to the Mogok valley. Located in the North of Burma (Myanmar) it is known to produce rubies, sapphires, spinels, peridots and many other gems. The Mogok valley is something unique no other gem deposit around the world has ever produced such a variety and quantity of exceptional gems for such a long period of time. Discovered centuries ago, it is still today one of the most active gem deposits in the world and also one of the most secret as during most of its history it was not accessible to foreigners. Since June 2013 it is again possible to visit Mogok and this is what we did…

The video was built using images from some GIA field expeditions that took place in 2013 with as a main focus collecting sapphire and lapis lazuli samples for the GIA reference collection.