[Video] GIA Field Expedition FE75 to Mogok, Myanmar (Burma)

With this new short GIA field expedition video you will discover some aspects of the GIA Field Expedition FE75 that took place in Dec 2015 to the Mogok area in Myanmar (Burma) in order to collect some reference samples to be added to the GIA reference collection. One of the highlights was the visit of the Dattaw ruby mine, one of the most famous mine in Mogok. It was a great occasion to witness the evolution of the gem mining activity in what remain one of the most active gem mining areas in the world. Enjoy!

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[Video] Red flavors in Mogok (Burma)

FIELD VIDEO & REPORT Red flavors in Mogok (Burma) ___________________________ With this [...]

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[Video] Field Expedition FE62 to Mogok, Myanmar (Burma)

That GIA expedition took us to different mines and markets all around Mogok. One of the highlight of that expedition was the visit of a 300 meters deep underground operation in the Kadoke Tad area, where we could witness ruby mining.

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[Video] Mogok Blue

The Mogok valley is something unique no other gem deposit around the world has ever produced such a variety and quantity of exceptional gems for such a long period of time. Discovered centuries ago, it is still today one of the most active gem deposits in the world and also one of the most secret...

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