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About Vincent Pardieu

Vincent Pardieu studied science and business in France before becoming a tour guide specializing in Europe and Asia. He studied gemology at GGA in Yangon (Myanmar) and at GIA Thailand. In 2004 he became the Director of the AIGS Gemological Laboratory in Bangkok and worked on gemstone treatments like lead glass filled rubies and the origin determination of gemstones. Whilst at the AIGS he started a field gemology program that took him to numerous ruby and sapphire deposits in Asia and Africa. In February 2007 he joined the Gubelin Gem Lab as a gemologist specializing in the origin determination of gemstones. He returned to Bangkok in December 2008 as supervisor, field gemology for the GIA Laboratory Bangkok in order to build the first, and to this day, only field gemology department in a modern gemological laboratory. Since being employed by the GIA he has led 67 successful field expeditions to gemstone mining areas in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi in order to collect samples for the GIA reference collection. Although traveling to gemstone mining area utilizes a significant part of Vincent’s time, he does nevertheless spend most of his time with other gemologists in the laboratory cataloguing, fabricating, studying the samples collected and working on gemological publications. Vincent is known for his numerous expedition reports and articles published regularly in various magazines like Gems & Gemology or InColor, or shared via the internet either on GIA websites ( and or his own website: He has lectured on gemological topics in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

[Video] A visit to Chanthaburi (Thailand)

FIELD VIDEO & REPORT A visit to Chanthaburi (Thailand) ___________________________ With this [...]

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[Video] Emeralds from Zambia

With this new short GIA field expedition video you will discover some aspects of the GIA Field Expedition FE56 that took place in September 2014 in order to visit different emerald mining areas in Zambia. The video start with some images of the Musakashi emerald mining area where mining is only done with hand tool by local people. Then we moved to the Kafubu area, one of the oldest gem mining areas in Africa. There we could see several mines in activity, some very small scale operated by local people, some very large ones like the MIKU and the KAGEM mines, the later being probably the largest colored gemstone mining pit in the world...

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[Video] Hunting for gems in Vietnam

GIA Field Expedition FE54 to visit the ruby, spinel and pearl producing areas in North Vietnam. As each year the expedition to Vietnam was also an ideal expedition to train and evaluate young gemologists willing to join the GIA field gemology department...

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[Video] A visit to Chimwadzulu, Malawi

The GIA Field Expedition FE56 visit the ruby and sapphire deposit at Chimwadzulu, in Malawi. This deposit is one of the oldest known ruby and sapphire deposits in Africa but ...

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